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Meet Karen

Karen McCagh comes from Scotland. She has been a working medium for many years, and has trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England.  She has also been trained by some of the world’s leading mediums including Paul Jacobs and Tony Stockwell and was also mentored by Mavis Pittilla.

Karen works from her own studio in her hometown of Carnoustie, Scotland, where she does sittings, teaching workshops and demonstrations of mediumship. She prides herself on her ability to help those in need of spirit communication, and will always strive to be of service to spirit.


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What Karen’s Clients Are Saying


“Amazing first time seeing Karen blown away . She is the best I have ever seen”

“Fantastic night Karen. So uplifting watching and listening to people connecting with their loved ones. Will definitely attend another event. Thank you!”

“Just what I had hoped for.  I loved my reading. Karen was so professional and honest about her gift. I will certainly have more meetings with Karen”

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