Karen McCagh


Welcome to my website. Since this may be your first visit let me tell you a bit about myself.


I am a Spirit Medium, and my work includes doing demonstrations of mediumship and one to one psychic/mediumship readings.


It is often upon the loss of a loved one that we start to ask questions and look for that hope that there is  ’something else’. We need some sort of validation to know that our loved one is in some way still with us. I feel that  bringing evidence from the Spirit World can touch the hearts of those searching for answers, and even help with the grieving process at times. Just to know our loved one is still with us is amazing and can often ease the heartache that losing someone brings.


I always, without exception, will work with honesty and integrity, and feel that it is an absolute honour and privilege to work for the Spirit World, and i hope to bring the tremendous love from Spirit to those here.


I would like to thankyou for visiting my site, and welcome you to contact me should you have any questions.


Lots of Love


Karen x