Karen McCagh comes from Scotland. She has been a working medium for many years, and has trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England.  She has also been trained by some of the world’s leading mediums including Paul Jacobs and Tony Stockwell and was also mentored by Mavis Pittilla.

Karen works from her own studio in her hometown of Carnoustie, Scotland, where she does sittings, teaching workshops and demonstrations of mediumship. She prides herself on her ability to help those in need of spirit communication, and will always strive to be of service to spirit.

Karen also has travelled with her mediumship, for demonstrations and teaching, throughout the UK the Channel Islands, Italy, and the USA.

Karen has been featured in the media, in Take a Break Fate and Fortune magazine, BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey and The Guernsey Press. She has also worked alongside world renowned TV medium Tony Stockwell on some of his theatre dates in the UK, as his guest medium.

Karen has also gained her CSNU with the Spiritualists National Union, and is currently undertaking her CSNU (t) for teaching. She is also an award winner with the SNU, winning the Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship 2014 for her mediumship.

Speaking of her gift, Karen says

“Growing up, I always felt ‘different’. I didn’t know why or how I was different but I recall a ‘knowing’ that there was much more to this life than I thought there was. I knew by the age of 7 that there were people who lived in the spirit world, and that although we couldn’t see them they were definitely there.

This was confirmed by numerous experiences I had, for example, seeing a man in my grandmother’s house, although nobody else saw him, I could see him clearly sitting on the end of the bed in her spare room. When I told my grandmother, Elizabeth (fathers’ mother), who I was very close to, she said ‘yes you always bring the spirit world with you’.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager I understood what she meant and I was much more aware of the visitors from the spirit world I would pick up on. I also learned that my grandmother herself was very mediumistic, reading the tea leaves for people and constantly talking of the spirit world.

My mother, Catherine, who is now in spirit, was also interested in the subject and I recall reading her Doris Stokes (who was a famous medium) books when I was 10. So as I grew up, it seemed very natural to me. Then in my late 20’s, after years of watching mediums and having my own experiences, I was able to develop my abilities. And once I realised I could develop, I just felt as if I had come home. I knew it was a part of me that couldn’t be denied, and that it was always supposed to be what I was doing as my life’s mission.

As an adult, I was able to pursue my work, with the support of my husband, Jason, and our children, Lewis, Rachyl and Jayden. All three of our children can see spirit and have done since they were small. They’re not at all worried about it as they understand it’s all a natural part of life. Also, my father Hugh, is a great support, and you will often see him at my events as he is my event manager!

My message has always been, that eternal life is the true message of the spirit. The evidence of spirit is to bring healing and comfort and a knowledge that life is eternal and that we will see our loved ones again”.