Ever wondered how a medium differs from a fortune teller?  Well, there is a big difference between a medium and a fortune teller. Years ago there were many fortune tellers or those with the gift of ‘seer ship’ as it was then known, but for some reason this old tradition isn’t as prominent in recent times.

Every Medium is Psychic

Every medium is ‘psychic’, which means we can tap into the energy of the person we are reading for. Everything you need to know is already within your soul, and a psychic medium will tap into this and be able to read your energy and soul power. Psychic mediums can pick up the potential for things to happen, and potential outcomes, because its all within your soul.

A Medium Will Not Tell You What To Do

If you needed guidance about your own life or even for those who surround you, a medium will use their psychic ability to read what is for you and perhaps what the outcome would be of certain situations. However always remember a medium will not tell you what to do, they can only work intuitively to give you the guidance needed. Any decision taken is entirely your own.

Not Every Psychic is Mediumistic

Moving onto the ‘medium’ part , although it is still energy work, mediumship means connecting with those who have left this world and who now dwell in the spirit side of life, the spirit world. Not every ‘psychic’ is necessarily mediumistic.  You can find fantastic psychics who can read you but are not in touch with those who have crossed over to spirit.

Mediums Bring Healing and Support

Working with spirit is nothing like fortune telling.  Working with spirit is more to do with bringing comfort to those who are struggling through the loss of someone close.   So unlike guiding someone here on earth through their lives a medium is connecting the spirit world and this world.  This is done in the hope that through communion of souls communicating from the spirit side, they can bring healing and support to those who are left behind in this world.

Who You Should Be Looking For

The two faculties are very different, but often come under the same umbrella. It is important to recognise that there is a difference though. If you’re in grief for someone who has passed away then it’s a medium you’re looking to contact, but if you would just like some guidance on career, relationships, family etc etc then it’s a psychic you’re looking for.