What do the spirit world want us to know? It’s a question I am often asked.  It is often upon the loss of a loved one that we search for answers.  We look for answers about where they are, or are they still here with us in some way.

A medium can endeavour to connect with those who have passed over in order to bring us what we need in the form of answers and reassurance. What some people don’t realise is that those who have made the transition back home to the spirit world, also have a need to connect with those they have left behind.

The Grieving Process

Part of grieving for many people is finding answers or signs from our loved ones that they are still around.  In certain circumstances we can find comfort in knowing that it was right for our loved ones to pass particularly if they had suffered through a terminal illness.

Whilst we can reason with ourselves that it is good that they are finally out of pain and suffering, it is still very difficult to understand why it had to happen at all.  Their is often a feeling that the situation is unfair and that a loved one had been taken from us too soon.

What the Spirit World Needs From Us

The main thing that they want us to know is that they are alive!  They do this by communicating, either through a good medium or by allowing us to ‘sense’ their presence perhaps through feelings or senses of touch or smell.

Sometimes they may even do physical things to let us know they are there such  moving an item in a room.  However they do it, their main aim is to say ‘I am here’ and I have not left you.

Guidance From Spirit

Sometimes we look to spirit to help solve our issues here in life.  For example, if a parent is in the spirit world, you may ask them to give you a sign to help with a particular situation, because they were your trusted counsel before passing to the spirit world.

It is not easy for spirit to do this as they know that what we do here on our earthly path cannot be influenced by them as we make our own choices and must take responsibility for the outcome of decisions.  That said, a parent in spirit would have a need to let you know, in some way, that they were with you during a particularly difficult time.

A Medium Will Always Help With Comfort And Healing

So in answer to the question – what do the spirit world want us to know? They want us to know that we will meet again.  Unfortunately, they cannot pull us through our grief.  Many times people will visit a Medium in the hope that it will heal their grief.  A Medium will always help with comfort and healing but cannot take the grief away as that is all part of loving the person who has passed.

If we have truly loved someone, the grief we feel when we lose them is a natural part of our pain and part of the healing process.

One Day You Will Be Reunited

If we try to remember the needs of our loved ones in spirit, this can help us move forward knowing that they are happy and that they are not lost to us.

They have just gone ‘home’ ahead of us and will do everything they can to let us know, in their own way, that we are not forgotten and one day, we will be reunited.

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